Automotive Inspection Systems, L.L.C. was formed in 2004 by Rick Dunmire and Pete Kipe.

  • Rick is the owner/operator of Dunnie’s Garage. He’s been in business since 1989 performing safety inspections since 1990. In addition to inspections, Dunnie’s Garage specializes in four-wheel alignments, tires, A/C service, exhaust systems and computer diagnostics. However, the majority of Dunnie’s Garage business consists of general repairs, tune ups and oil changes.
  • Pete has been a software developer since 1974, when he graduated from the Chubb Institute for Computer Technology.  He formed Corporate Data Systems, L.L.C. in 1997 after leaving the corporate world. CDS is a consultancy that provides software application development services, primarily to reinsurance companies.  His focus is now almost exclusively on automotive software, and Automotive Inspection Systems.

The idea for MVIRS was born in 2002. Rick was performing safety inspections, and becoming increasingly frustrated with the amount of time spent on PennDOT-required paperwork. Rick and Pete met later that year and began developing a software solution. They soon realized the program they were developing would be valuable to any shop performing PA safety inspections. Since the time of its first sale in 2004, AIS has sustained an annual customer growth rate of 165%.


Our Mission

To develop well-designed, easy-to-use software that saves time and money, and improves the professional appearance of our customers’ services.


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