Update to version 6.0.27

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We decided to include one more change in version 6.0.27:

A built-in messaging function allows MVIRS support staff to quickly communicate important information to our customers. Unfortunately, many of our customers were not aware of the feature, and were not getting the messages.

To address this problem, we’ve included a change in version 6.0.27 that will cause a list of outstanding messages to be automatically displayed when MVIRS starts. Selecting a message from the list will open it for reading, and once read, the message can be printed and/or deleted.  When all messages have been deleted, the list will no longer appear when MVIRS starts.

Additionally, MVIRS will now check for new messages every 30 minutes.  If a new message is found, the message list will be immediately displayed.

Getting MVIRS version 6.0.27 ready

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We’re putting the finishing touches on an update that will include the following:

  • We made a change to the initialization of MVIRS that will cause the program to start 5 seconds faster.
  • There have been a small number of isolated instances of hard drive failure where we found that database backups had not been uploaded to the MVIRS Service Center because the option to do so was not enabled. Lacking database backups, those customers were forced to recreate their databases from paper records, and in at least one case, this process took several months. In order to reduce the possibility of this problem recurring, MVIRS will now automatically upload database backups as long as it is able to access the MVIRS Service Center (meaning that an Internet connection exists).
  • MVIRS previously displayed a message and ended on some computers having no installed printer. We’ve made a change that will cause MVIRS to issue the message but continue running.
  • PennDOT no longer shows ‘Number of Receipts’ or ‘Transmittal Number’ on the receipts that accompany batches of stickers. We had previously removed those fields from the ‘Add New Sticker Batch’ entry form. This change also removes them from the display of inspection sticker batches in Company, Stickers. Sticker batches will be used in batch entry order.
  • One of our customers reported a problem of vehicles not being displayed when synchronizing with Quickbooks. Upon investigation, we found that the Year, Make, Model, VIN and Plate “custom fields” we define when first establishing the connection to QB were missing. This suggests that the initial linking process was somehow interrupted. MVIRS will now automatically create the custom fields when it connects to QB, if any are missing.
  • Tools, Links contains links to several commonly-used websites for your convenience. Some of those website addresses have recently changed, so we’ve updated the links.

We plan to release version 6.0.27 during the week of February 18, 2019. The update will take place automatically when MVIRS is started.

Please confirm your current e-mail address

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As previously mentioned, we are changing payment processors. Among many other improvements, this change will enable us to e-mail sales receipts for monthly billings. In addition, we will be able to notify you immediately in the event of a problem with a credit card. This notification will enable you to contact us to resolve problems before you experience a service interruption.

We will need to have your current e-mail address on file for e-mail notifications to be possible.  Please take a minute to send an e-mail to support@mvirs.com containing only your PennDOT station number in the subject.

Thanks for your help!

We’re changing payment processors

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We are in the process of changing payment processors. We were hoping to be fully converted by February 1st, but we’re now shooting for March 1st.

After the change, we will only be able to accept credit cards. If you’re currently paying monthly via ACH debit or debit card, please contact us as soon as possible to make the switch.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter!

We’ve updated our website

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At long last, we’ve brought our website into the 21st century. We will occasionally post information here to let you know what we’re doing with MVIRS, and notify you of any announcements we might have regarding MVIRS and our company, Automotive Inspection Systems LLC.