Return the two inspections to Held status, then Finish them in the reverse order.

For example, the sticker ending in 1 is affixed to vehicle A, and sticker 2 to vehicle B. In MVIRS, sticker 1 was assigned to the vehicle B inspection, and sticker 2 to the vehicle A inspection. To avoid wasting the price of two stickers, we’ll simply reverse the stickers in MVIRS.

  1. In History, right-click on sticker 1 and choose “Return to Held Status”. MVIRS displays the number of inspections that will be affected and asks if you want to proceed. Click Yes to continue.
  2. In Work In Progress (W.I.P.), right-click on inspection A and choose Finish Inspection, or double-click inspection A.
  3. When the inspection opens, click the Finish button. If prompted to change the date, choose No.   Sticker 1 is now allocated to inspection A.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for inspection B.   Sticker 2 is now allocated to inspection B.
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